“Jura Podnieka studija ir godalgota filmu un multimediālo risinājumu producēšanas kompānija ar vairāk kā 20 gadu pieredzi, kas nodrošina pilnu ražošanas ciklu, sākot no izpētes līdz filmešanai, montāžai un skaņas apstrādei.”

Film is about the most important and thought-provoking contemporary Australian artist Imants Tillers. His work sets up an aesthetic dialogue, referencing artists, by superimposing images, visual motifs and text.
Layering, repetition, variation are the central tenets of Tiller’s art practice. Since 1981 when he made a simple discovery - painting on canvas board panels, not only on single panels but on many panels (up to as many as 300) arranged together in a grid to form a larger composite image, his works are some of the largest works painted in Australia or indeed anywhere. Together, the more than 140000 canvas boards in Tillers’ paintings form a long poem with many verses.

Tillers is the child of Latvian refugees who arrived in Australia in the late 1940s, exiled from their homeland by war and political turmoil, part of the great post-war European diaspora. Tillers was born in Australia, in 1950, the questions he asks in his work are filled with the diasporic experience and longing - about place, relationships to the past and the self.