“Jura Podnieka studija ir godalgota filmu un multimediālo risinājumu producēšanas kompānija ar vairāk kā 20 gadu pieredzi, kas nodrošina pilnu ražošanas ciklu, sākot no izpētes līdz filmešanai, montāžai un skaņas apstrādei.”


Quantum Code, documentary, dir. Santa Skutele, 2016, 50', Latvia

Vyacheslavs Kashcheyevs is a man who feels the world with each single one of his atoms and breaks the stereotype about physics as a dry and impersonal field of science. In parallel to splitting electrons in the laboratory, he seeks a connection to the Almighty, and is a dreamer, an exceptional scientist, family man and educator, socially active and civically minded. What allows him, unlike most of us, to be so harmonious and seemingly omniscient? Together with quantum physicist, theological authority and Latvian patriot Vyacheslav Kashcheyev, the film searches for the code to modern-day life.


Director Santa Skutele

Cinematographer Jurijs Sokorobogatovs

Producer Antra Cilinska

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