JURIS PODNIEKS STUDIO is an award-winning film and multimedia production company with almost 30 years of experience, which provides also filming and postproduction services.


We offer services of our cameraman and sound recordists.

It is also possible to rent the following equipment:


Canon J22ex7.6B WRSD

Tele Zoom ENG/EFP lens w/0.8x&2x ext Digital drive unit


Canon ZR-1D Zoom Servo Only Kit

Canon UV/105P1 UV Filter

Canon UV/127PO.75 UV Filter


Anton Bauer Hytron 120 Interactive Digital Hytron 120 Logic Battery

Anton Bauer Dual 2711 Simultaneous 2 Position Charger w/LCD, built-in discharge module and 70 watt power supply. Sofware update for Dionic Batteries. Camera Power cable XLR4 Long

Anton Bauer TITAN 70 Gold Mount 70 watt charger/power supply

Anton Bauer OR-SDH Sony Wedge Mount Adapters


Vocas MB-350 Vocas MB-350 Matte Box System, includes 4 Stage Matte Box with 2x independently rotating filter tray, 1x 4x5, 56” horizontal filtertray, adjustable Eyellds, 2x 4x4” filterholder, French flag, 1x 4:3 and 1x 16:9 matte, with adapterring and mattebox support


Sachtler Tripod System

Horizon Plus 16 (2502P), Camera plate 16 (1064) tripod Cine 2000 long (62810, ground spreader SP EX (7013), +off ground spreader (7007), +rubber feet (7014), +Mini spreader EX (7013K) +cover 25 (9504)