JURIS PODNIEKS STUDIO is an award-winning film and multimedia production company with almost 30 years of experience, which provides also filming and postproduction services.


Our editors Sandra Alksne and Andris Zemitis have been with us for more than 15 years. They have worked both on our own as well as on incoming projects.

We offer Off-line and On-line editing.

Adobe Premiere. 




It is possible to rent the studio without or together with editor;

DVD mastering;

Blue Ray recording.



1. DVD – DVD (not more than 100 printed DVDs)


2. BetacamSP- BetacamSP


3. DigiBetacam - DigiBetacam


4. BetacamSP - DVD


5. DigiBetacam - DVD


6. DigiBetacam- BetacamSP


7. MiniDV vai DVCAM- Betacam SP


8. Betacam SP- DVCAM


9. MiniDV- DVD