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Formula of Happiness

Documentary, director Antra Cilinska, 53', 2015, Latvia

Imagine centuries ago several witches huddled around a steaming cauldron, gleefully consigning offensive items to the foul-smelling brew. Maggots, worms, snails – who knows what else? Perhaps unbelievable, but it did help. This is a story about people who practice their own way of feeling fit and happy. A hunter is convinced that beaver glands offer a unique remedy against various ailments. Herbal teas, picked at the right time, can perform miracles! Many shrink away from bees, but bees can bring relief. All good and simple things, forgotten in the rush of the 21st century.


Director Antra Cilinska

Scriptwriter Nora Ikstena

Cinematographers Uldis Millers, Emīls Linga, Uldis Jancis, Kaspars Braķis

Sound director Klāvs Siliņš

Producer Antra Cilinska





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