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The Foundation of Criminal Excellence

Feature film, director Oskars Rupenheits, 2018

Crime comedy


As preparing for his new assignment - to write a crime-story - TV Screenwriter engages in number of con-art activities. For research purposes only, of course!

Imant is commissioned to write a con-artist story for a TV series. Then he starts trying out his fictional cons in real life - only as a research for his script, of course!

But con scheme crimes soon becomes attraction and then - personal agenda.
The deeper in crime world the Screenwriter goes, the bigger the crimes and darker it gets!
And he should know better - at the end of all good stories characters do get what they really deserve!

Watch it, mister Screenwriter!


This film is fully funded by enthusiasts and young film professionals. As our choice - no major motion picture studios nor state funds were involved in any production stages of this movie.


Awards Latvian National Film Award Lielais Kristaps in the nominations "Best Screenwriter" (Oskars Rupenheits) and "Best Actor in the Role" (Andris Daugavins).


Director Oskars Rupenheits

Written By  Oskars Rupenheits

Cinematographer Juris Pilens

Art by Toms Jansons

Editing director  Oskars Rupenheits

Sound design   Klavs Silins

Music composed by  Kaspars Kurdeko

Producers Oskars Rupenheits, Juris Pilens

Co-producer  Antra Cilinska, Uģis Riekstiņš

Studio  Picturehouse, fon Films, Jura Podnieka Studija

Starring   Lauris Klavins, Andris Daugavins, Jana Rubina, Juris Riekstins, Māris Mičerevskis

Runtime  126 min.